The Squid Game project has a copycat

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The sensational fraudulent project based on the “Squid Game” under the same name Squid Game has found a “second wind”.

This time, the unknown launched an ideological copy called Baby Squid Game. The price of the BSG token in the BSG / USDT pair soared 900% to $ 0.000018 in just two days. The market capitalization of the coin is $ 4.5 million, according to CoinMarketCap.

However, the resource notes that the project team did not verify the BSG capitalization. How the altcoin even got listed on CoinMarketCap (as in the case of Squid Game) remains unknown.


It is noteworthy that the rise in the BSG price occurs despite the calls of the crypto community not to buy the coin. Under the project’s Facebook posts, users massively urge to avoid contact with the project. At the time of this writing, the project page on the social network is still available and has 60 subscribers.


The official website of the project, as in the case of Squid Game, is advertised not only through the series of the same name, but also hides behind the tweets of Tesla founder Elon Musk. The project, judging by the data of the smart contract, like the Squid Game, is deployed based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The total coin supply is BSG 1 trillion. It remains unknown whether the creators of the fraudulent Squid Game are behind the new project.

At the same time, according to the roadmap, the project is also going to get into the listing of another cryptocurrency aggregator – CoinGecko, as well as acquire “celebrity support”.

As one of the project’s auditors notes, the creators of Baby Squid put a function in the source code of the smart contract to generate additional emissions. This means that project managers can issue even more coins if they wish. Also, the administrator can block the contract and change access rights.

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