The stars transformed by aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery

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We are not here to judge aesthetic transformations of the stars, but to show you how sometimes with the famous retouching you can change your natural physiognomy. Some time ago, if you remember well, the news of Tom Cruise, now 59, photographed with a slightly puffy face. Just a few extra pounds due to age or an excess of aesthetic medicine? And what about Madonna? The Italian-American pop star has no intention of getting old, too bad this translates into a drawn face appearance from having lost expressiveness and naturalness.

What leads to the abuse of cosmetic touch-ups

«A great responsibility is to be attributed to the pressure triggered by the commercials of the last 20 years “, according to psychologist Elena Welcome. «It is not easy to create a positive and real image of your body when you are bombarded every day of your life by images that propose false and unreal beauty standards, therefore unattainable. Another problem concerns the inability of our society to give the right value at any age, always and only enhancing the outward beauty and the stage of youth. In doing so, the most fragile and insecure subjects or those who, like actors and singers, live perpetually in the spotlight can give in to the impulse of retouching. Which, however, risks leading to an insatiable hunger for improvement (presumed), leading to the artifacts we see on certain stars ». As he remembers Carlo Borriello, aesthetic doctor and maxillofacial surgeon of Medical Beauty Spot, “The good news is that at the dawn of 2022 more and more people are distancing themselves from certain physical ideals built around the table, embracing a concept of beautification that values ​​individuality, first of all giving long-lasting well-being and avoiding drastic external changes ».

Here you go the stars whose appearance, year after year, has been radically changed at the hands of plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors. Some of them have repented, others simply deny it.

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