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The statue of the drowned girl who looks you in the eyes and reminds you of the climate crisis

THE climate change it is now a huge crisis. The planet from one end to the other is either on fire or drowning. Extreme weather events strike the Earth almost every day. The images from the hot lava river that burns everything on the island of La Palma in Spain and reaches the ocean are typical.

So the people of Bilbao woke up a few hours ago and stared at a riveting image. With an enigmatic look and apathetic look through the murky waters of the Nervion River in Bilbao, the terribly alive face of a young girl “drowning” in the tide, upsets the people of the Spanish city.

The figure titled “Bihar” (s.s. “Tomorrow” in Basque) created by Mexican artist Ruben Orosco aims to provoke a discussion around the issue.

Mexican surrealist artist Ruben Orosco created the enigmatic figure with the aim of starting a discussion about the sustainability of the environment. “People need to know that their actions can either keep us afloat or sink us.”

As the water rises and falls with the tide, the 120 kg figure sinks and is revealed every day. According to the artist, it is a reflection of what could happen “if we continue to bet on unsustainable models”.

The statue was transported by boat and sunk in the river

Bilbao residents woke up and saw the sculpture for the first time on the river a few days ago, after being transported by boat and sunk in the river, near the city center, at night.

“At first it made me feel anxious, more than the face out of the water, but now it brings me sadness, a lot of sadness,” said Triana Gill, who was in Bilbao for tourism.

“She does not even seem to be worried, she is like letting herself drown,” he added.

Another woman who spoke to Reuters, named Maria, initially believed the sculpture was a monument to a tragic event in the past. “I learned today that this is not the case, but I think everyone can give their own meaning (to the sculpture),” he said.

The statue of Orosco, however, was not accepted the rage of creating an Italian to honor a 19th century poem and the revelations by Giuseppe Conte.

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