The Stock Exchange is fighting to keep the 910 points

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A new attempt, after yesterday’s failure, to break the falling series is made today by the Athens Stock Exchange, having for another day at its side the majority of its titles, although the low turnover delays the consolidation of the positive image.

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In particular, the General Index records gains of 0.30% at 912.75 points, while the turnover is at 3.5 million euros and the volume at 1.7 million units. The FTSE 25 also rose 0.33% to 2,198.50 points, while the banking index gained 0.41% to 593.95 points.

Following the trading turmoil caused by the introduction of PPC in the MSCI Standard Index, the market seems to be returning to its “previous state”, ie the selectivity of movements. Indicative of this, after all, is that it took 15 minutes of sitting to exceed the volume of 500 thousand pieces, while the turnover in many titles is a few euros, of the order of … basic salary.

November of expectations

We have entered the second half of the 11th month of the year, when the movements of foreign portfolios are gradually peaking, closing the 12-month strategy. Traditionally, there are usually moves to close most stocks close to the 12-month highs, but what is most troubling is the low trading activity (with the exception of transactions related to emergencies, such as capital increases).

According to a stock market source at, the market picture may have two readings. One is waiting for better exit points, as the ATHEX has lagged behind in returns compared to other markets of similar size. Also waiting in case there is an upgrade of the Greek economy in the immediate future, which may bring inputs to Athens Avenue.

The second reading is that many positions may be liquidated and the recovered funds may be reinvested in other positions. A discreet treatment of this strategy can not cause turmoil in a market that has been swamped, while the possibility is open that the movements of foreigners will eventually be limited, pointing to a longer-term horizon.


On the board now, the titles of ELHA, Saranti, Ethniki, Aegean and EYDAP record profits exceeding 1%, while Motor Oil, Titan, Hellenic Petroleum, HELEX, Mytilineos, PPA, IPTO, Jumbo, Piraeus are moving slightly upwards. , Alpha Bank, OTE and Ellactor.

On the other hand, PPC loses 1.16%, with GEK Terna, Terna Energy, Coca Cola, Eurobank, Viohalko and Lambda moving with small losses.


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