The Stock Exchange is flirting with 900 points

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The Athens Stock Exchange is moving in the zone of 900 points in the first session of the new year, which with low trades manages to follow the positive climate of Europe, as concerns about the new variant of Covid 19 seem to be easing.

In particular, the General Index records gains of 0.71% at 899.70 points, while the turnover is at 1.9 million euros and the volume at 1.2 million units. The FTSE 25 also recorded an increase of 0.69%, to 2,163.66 points, while the banking index gained 1% to 580.67 points.

The Stock Exchange is flirting with 900 points

Although the market in 2021 failed to capture optimism for both the economy and the majority of its listed companies, as the general index accumulated for 43 full weeks between 830-930 points, however the expectations for the new year only they are positive. And as Elias Zacharakis of Fast Finance points out, the only sure thing is that after large accumulations, there is a lot of traffic, something that will need confirmation from a certification of one of the two levels.

Let us not forget that in 2021 it managed to raise close to 8 billion euros in capital increases and new bond loans that on the one hand dried up the market while on the other hand the funds entered the market increasing the number of employees and capitalizations. It remains to be seen whether the stock market can follow the real economy that all indicate that it will run at significantly high growth rates in 2022.

The pandemic managed to hold the markets in 2021 as well, since the fear after the fall of 2020 is still fresh. All indications are that in 2022 he will turn his eyes from vaccines to pandemic drugs, while the market has already singled out industries and individual titles since it is most likely that they will continue to be the protagonists for the new year.


On the board now, more than 1% is the increase in Eurobank, Aegean, Jumbo, ELHA, IPTO, OTE, GEK Terna, Titan and OPAP, while Alpha Bank, Piraeus, PPA, Mytilineos, Lambda, Ellinika Pela are moving slightly higher Quest, PPC, Terna Energy, National and Coca Cola.

On the other hand, small losses are recorded by EYDAP, Sarantis and Viohalko, but none of them decreased by more than 1%, while Ellactor and Motor Oil remained unchanged.


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