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The Stock Exchange is ready for the great split of resistances

After five attempts, the crew of the year came to break the resistance of 913 points on the Athens stock exchange, which of course receives a significant boost from the mini rally of the shares of the Terna group, but also of PPC.

In particular, the General Index records gains of 0.99% at 915.80 points, while the turnover is at 35.2 million euros and the volume at 13.9 million units. The FTSE 25 also increased by 0.88%, to 2,215.07 points, while the banking index gained 0.26% to 603.58 points.

The Stock Exchange is ready for the great split of resistances

Not one … not two … but five so far were the failed attempts of the General Index to penetrate the wall of 911-914 units, but with the help of the energy and construction sector today came this split. If it is confirmed at the end, then it will move to 930 units in the first phase and 960 units in the second. The FTSE 25 also broke 2,210 points, with the next target being 2,243 points.

Of course, the 930 points that are the strong short-term price resistance are very likely to “fall” with the help of the banking index, which has now taken on the role of market leader after the fatigue observed in the other securities. Its split presupposes a particularly intense trading volume and a greater participation of index securities in the rise.

However, apart from the technical characteristics of the market, the rise seems to be fueled by various scenarios circulating in the energy sector, which, however, are refuted. In any case, however, the industry will remain in the spotlight, not only for its performance so far, but also for the prospects that have opened up at a critical energy turning point for Europe, so all kinds of processes and agreements may return to the forefront. constantly. And as a stock market source in Capital.gr comments, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as it will stimulate investment interest in Athens Avenue, after several years of shortage.

On the dashboard

On the board now, Terna Energy gains 6.14%, with GEK Terna at + 5.70% and PPC at + 3.50%. EYDAP gains 2.05%, while the increase in Titan, HELEX, OTE, Lambda and ELHA is over 1%.

OPAP, Ethniki, Jumbo, IPTO, Mytilineos, Alpha Bank, Hellenic Petroleum, Ellaktor, Sarantis and Viohalko are moving slightly upwards, while Piraeus, PPA, Eurobank, Coca Cola and Aegean are moving slightly downwards. Motor oil notes losses of 1.62%.


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