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The Stock Exchange is testing the 910 units again

The Athens Stock Exchange is currently finding a significant impetus from the Terna group, as well as the rise of several index-weighted stocks, which after Friday’s correction is attempting to resist the 910-913 points, in order to make a difference at higher levels this time.

In particular, the General Index records gains of 0.67% at 912.89 points, while the turnover is at 17.6 million euros and the volume at 8.4 million units. The FTSE 25 also rose 0.61% to 2,209.17 points, while the banking index gained 0.42% to 604.51 points.

The Stock Exchange is testing the 910 units again

This week will be rich for the domestic market, so it is possible that we will see some caution until critical developments take place. One of them is that the announcement of the semi-annual changes in the Morgan Stanley indices is expected on Thursday night, which will take place at the end of the meeting on November 30. The market is waiting for the entry of PPC and Ethniki, with small chances of Mytilineos entering. On the other hand, it is waiting whether Jumbo will leave the index or not. In any case, we must not forget that this review will affect the next strategy of several foreign institutions that close books at the end of the month.

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However, what many analysts point out is that the market does not want to test its technical limits until it has a better picture of both the MSCI front and the pandemic. However, it may continue to move close to 913 units, without yet being able to secure them, nevertheless its value increased by 1.35 billion from PPC AMK.

Of course, the goal is to penetrate the wall of 911-914 units, as as Fast Finance points out, securing it will give us a move to 930 units in the first phase and 960 units in the second. The 899 units have become a major support, which only split can give us the 890 or 875 units.

In the FTSE 25 the siege of the level of 2,207-2,210 units continues without having managed to close above the level that will give if nothing else an increase with the first target of 2,243 and the next 2,315 units. The 2,173 points are close main support that only split can bring us to the 2,147 points.


On the board now, Terna Energy gains 3.07%, GEK Terna is at + 2.28%, while over 1% are profits in Titan, HELEX, OTE, Hellenic Petroleum and Alpha Bank. EYDAP, Lambda, Mytilineos, Ethniki, OPAP, IPTO, PPA, ELHA, Viohalko and Sarantis are moving slightly upwards.

On the other hand, Motor Oil (currently trading without the right to the dividend of 0.20 euros per share) recorded losses of 2.02%, with Ellactor, Jumbo, Coca Cola and Eurobank having reduced the fall below 0.8% their. Unchanged are Piraeus and Aegean.


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