The Stories We are, Eleonora and her daughter Bianca: “We write tales against the pandemic”

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At the first lockdown, Eleonora, like many other parents, suddenly found herself catapulted into a reality she did not know. Made of days forced to alternate one after the other always the same, within the walls of the house. Eleonora’s first concern was for her daughter Bianca, who had just turned three at the advent of the pandemic. «To the umpteenth no from Bianca in front of my proposal I asked her“ but what would the girl with the rainbow hair do? ”.

Thus were born the first stories told by Bianca and written by Eleonora. “It was time for # everything will be fine with the rainbow design. Tackling all the issues of that age without external supports such as family, school, friends, the rainbow-haired girl was born who lived with her mom and dad on a daily basis, transforming it into little adventures, which we then decided to tell. The rainbow-haired girl deliberately does not have a proper name because for us she is Bianca but she represents all the children ».

The adventures of the rainbow girl took shape day after day thanks to the stories told by Bianca and transcribed by her mother Eleonora. “The possibility of publication was a dream for my child, a unique emotion to be seen in an online bookstore, but there is much more behind it”. The pregnancy, the birth, the first months of Bianca’s life. “My motherhood was happily complicated. In fact, in the book I thank Daniela, the midwife I was lucky enough to meet at the pre-birth course who followed me in the first years, from physical problems such as mastitis and fissures to a thousand

doubts and fears that are lived. An angel I say, for me it really was. I would like to pass the message that being able to speak to someone competent is very important. It is a mental relief“.

This is also one of the reasons that prompted Eleonora to publish the stories written together with Bianca. “The desire, in my own way, to be able to be close to other mothers with our everyday life also pushed me deeply.”

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Source: Vanity Fair

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