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The story of Carlo Acutis who will become a saint

On Thursday 23 May 2024 the Congregation of Saints announced the canonization decrees signed by Pope Francis which will make Saint Carlo AcutisMilanese, first “millennial” saint. He will be the patron of the internet for his passion and talent for information technology used for evangelization.

Carlo Acutis was 15 years old in 2006 when he died from a form of acute myeloid leukemia. His parents are Andrea Acutis, former president of Vittoria AssicurazioniAnd Antonia Salzano. He was named after his grandfather. He was born in London, where his father worked in the world of finance, in 1991, but always lived in Milan and studied in religiously inspired institutions: nursery school at San Carlo, primary school at the Tommaseo institute of the Marcelline Sisters, high school classic to Leo XIII. He had taught himself computer science, took care of his parish's website and had designed the volunteer page for his school. The diocese of Milan writes: «he grew up in a wealthy family and was able to transform the many gifts that life has reserved for him into opportunities to meet the Lord and to make him feel closer to those who did not yet know him». It is precisely the family's wealth that has given rise to comments online on the real nature of the boy's beatification and then canonization.

The biographies tell of a religious fervor in this boy who appeared since he was a child. Carlo Acutis had received his first communion ahead of schedule thanks to a special permit. He used to do Volunteering at the table of the Capuchins and the nuns of Mother Teresa. She helped out at the after-school club. He brought aid to the homeless at the Arco della Pace. Every day he went to mass and dedicated himself to prayers individually. Her mother always said that it was a personal inclination, not coming from her non-practicing family.

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In October 2006 the first signs of the disease arrived. What seemed like the flu led to the diagnosis of M3 acute myeloid leukemia. He died on 12 October of that year after being transferred to San Gerardo in Monza. He knew he had no hope of recovery. The mortal remains of Carlo Acutis are in Assisi. The beatification took place in 2020. The first miraculous healing attributed to him was that of Matheus, a 6-year-old Brazilian boy. He was suffering from an annular pancreas, a rare congenital anomaly, which disappeared after touching a relic. With the confirmation of a second miraculous recovery linked to him, the certainty has now arrived that he will be a saint. The recovery is that of Valeria, a young Costa Rican girl in Florence, from a serious head injury.

«We were very happy, also for the people who follow Carlo both on his spiritual journey and in the salient points of his life: helping others, whether they were the poor, migrants, young people targeted by bullies or elderly people difficulty. His trait was essentiality. For him one pair of shoes was enough and two were too many” his mother told the Corriere della Sera. «He carries out his mission from Heaven, I am his megaphone from Earth. Carlo was chosen, but there are many other guys in the world who act for good. He lived what he said, which is why I think young people like him.”

Parents have received prayer requests from all over the world. A phrase by Carlo Acutis was also quoted by the President of the Chamber Lorenzo Fontana when he took office: «We are all born originals, many of us die photocopies».

Source: Vanity Fair

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