The story of Nice, a Masai girl who fights against infibulations

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It is a courageous life, that of Nice Nailantei Leng’ete, today the world ambassador of Amref Health Africa against female genital mutilation and inserted, since Time, among the 100 most influential people in the world. It is the moving story of a little girl and then a rebellious woman, told in the book «Blood. The story of the Maasai girl who struggles with infibulations», Piemme editions, which from tomorrow (Tuesday) will be available in bookstores.

Nice Leng’ete is a Kenyan Masai activist, born in a remote town on the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

As a child, Nice loses both parents and, just older, at nine, he refuses to undergo the practice of infibulation: with the help of his older sister, he escapes from his village.

Since then she begins a life of “outcast”, because there is no room, in the Masai culture, for a woman who rebels. But Nice does not give up and makes the fight against female genital mutilation his mission: he starts touring Africa and then the whole world, meeting people in solidarity and carrying out a revolutionary message, until he becomes the spokesperson for a very important campaign. humanitarian, whose goal is to abolish female genital mutilation by 2030.

As of today, that young woman saved nearly twenty thousand girls from “cutting”, a mutilation which, according to Amref data, is suffered by 200 million women and girls worldwide. It is a practice that marks the entrance into the adult life of the community, recognition and acceptance, submission. But which, for many, can also mean death.

“Female genital mutilation and early and forced marriages in Africa, they will end thanks to people of the caliber of Nice»Wrote the Time. Even personalities such as Bill Clinton, Fiorella Mannoia, George Clooney, Emma Bonino, Trevor Noah, Laura Boldrini and many others have spent words of admiration for Nice’s commitment.

«Today», declares Nice, who is now 29, «I fight so that every girl can become the woman of their dreams… just like me». And carry on the project «A Nice Place», the institution of a safe place where girls can go when threatened by mutilation or forced marriage at an early age. The book, which will be distributed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Italy, is also dedicated to the girls who find refuge there.

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