The story of the 7-year-old who raises money by selling lemonades breaks hearts

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The story of 7-year-old Lisa Scott, who started selling lemonades, set up a counter in her mother’s oven last summer, with the initial intention of buying some things she wanted for herself. Months later, the girl continues her “business”, but this time the money will go for a completely different purpose: to have surgery on brain of.

Last month, doctors concluded that a series of seizures that the child began to have were caused by brain malformations and had to undergo surgery, according to her mother, Elizabeth Scott. After learning the sad news, the girl was willing to help raise the amount her family has to pay for the operation.

Its counter is placed near the oven counter, it has a bright pink and yellow color. However, those who buy from lemonade they leave her much more money than the value set by the 7-year-old, to help her in this difficult battle with her health.

«I have a $ 20 bill and a 50 dollar bill and a 10 dollar bill and a 5 dollar bill and a 100 dollar bill.Said Lisa on Tuesday, counting the donations she had received that morning.

Lisa was still in the hospital when she had two serious seizures and the idea came to her aid, her mother said. “I told her, ‘You do not have to do this,'” Elizabeth said, adding that she was raising her two children on her own.

However, Lisa wanted to help and she does. He has already raised more than $ 12,000 in just a few days, almost all from donations.

Lisa’s story has moved many. Others have been outraged by the fact that a child undergoing brain surgery feels the need to raise money.. The story is another sign that the US health care system is in serious trouble and is leading families into bankruptcy, critics say.

Friends, relatives and others have donated more than $ 300,000 to Lisa when they learned their story.

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