The success of the trompe l’œil: more than a question of taste, a declaration of self-determination

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Yet the question remains legitimate. What’s behind this trend? How come we continue to see this style almost every day? We cannot be trivial and talk about novelty. The trompe l’œil effect nude already in the 1920s it was used and loved by Elsa Schiaparelli, while in more recent years they have also had their say on the matter Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior or Thom Browne. Of course, we can think of his return as a kind of gift to Generation Z, always attentive to news and looking at the past with curiosity, but even this would be an understatement.

The desire to return to a provocative style in its being modest and which makes fun – good-naturedly – of reality lies not only in an aesthetic taste but in a message of challenge and denunciation towards our time and in a declaration of freedom of self-determination, when it comes to your clothing and more.

He tells it Kylie Jenner with his “naked bikini»In which he celebrates the female body in all its beauty. A post with a lot of writing «Free the Nipple “ which recalls the homonymous campaign born with the aim of eliminating censorship on female nipples not only on social media and on the web. However, an even broader message has channeled it, even better, onto his profile from beyond 27M the superinfluencer of our house Chiara Ferragni.

With four words, “MY BODY MY CHOICE», In the caption and a t-shirt nude effect Jean-Paul Gaultierborn from the collaboration with the stylist Lotta Volkova, Chiara has made his position clear, not only on the freedom to dress, but above all on freedom of choice regarding all aspects of one’s body. A hot topic that is inflaming the debates in us, but especially in the United States after the Supreme Court has abolished the ruling on right to abortion.

It can be defined: “A tragic mistakeAs the US President did Joe Biden but, bluntly, it is a step backwards on the part of a democratic society which leaves a much wider breach open on how unstable the rights that now appear to be consolidated are.

Freedom to dress, freedom to express oneself as well as to choose they should be the basis of a modern society that professes to be such. Yet, if you still have to insert white hearts for a shirt to pass the censorship of Instagram, just as we believe it is necessary to brush up on old debates, then perhaps we have missed a few steps to arrive at an inclusive reality as we all would like.

Let’s not be surprised then if the trompe l’œil now he’s back stronger than ever, just for remind us of something we have unfairly forgotten – a bit like we did at the beginning of the pandemic when we dusted off an absurd situation to feel familiar Blindness from Saramago – because we are the first to want to be free … but it is not right to want it on the skin of others.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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