The Sun: Accident for Vladimir Putin inside his home – He fell down the stairs

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His health Vladimir Putin is again at the center of publications and discussions. This time, the reports are not about an illness allegedly afflicting the Russian president but about an accident he had inside his home.

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Specifically, her publication Sun states that Vladimir Putin fell off the stairs in his official residence resulting in an injury to the coccyx.

At the same time, the rumors that the Russian leader is suffering from various kinds of diseases – among which cancer – they don’t say to stop.

How he fell down the stairs

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The “General SVR” network reported on Vladimir Putin’s accident citing information from bodyguards of the Russian president. According to what was reported, the 70-year-old was going down the stairs of his house in Moscow, on Wednesday night, when it slipped causing him to fall on his back and injure his coccyx.

According to the publication, the Russian president because of the fall and the pressure created he allegedly failed to hold back his urine something attributed to “cancer of the gastrointestinal tract».

After examination, he was diagnosed inks in the coccyx and soft tissues, with doctors administering painkillers to Vladimir Putin.

Remarkably, regardless of what the General SVR network claims, the next day Vladimir Putin appeared at a laboratory in Moscow with no visible signs of injury.

An investigation into the causes of the fall is expected to be conducted in parallel, as Putin he reportedly wears shoes with non-slip soles when moving around his home.

Source: News Beast

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