The technological employers ask the private sector to monitor the Government’s distribution of EU funds

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The technological employer’s association yesterday demanded that the professionals of the sector supervise or monitor the channeling of European funds. Pedro Mier, president of Ametic, warned that the use of these aids for digitization will end in “failure” if the private sector is denied participation in decision-making. At a press conference and asked about it, Mier recalled that a third of the reconstruction funds dedicated to digitizing supposes “a lot of money” to leave in the hands of the Executive without surveillance of an office or an agency, a group of professionals who can supervise the performance: We defend the creation of an agency, an office, a group of light experts. It is not about creating another great public structure, but one that is very competent and that ensure funds are focused and coordinated in a few lines of projects, “he stated. According to Ametic, “public-private collaboration” is a must, as Mier had previously pointed out in an interview with this newspaper.

Although Mier explained that the Government  «is considering it», the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation does not recognize this line of work, which would mean a shift in the approach that has been given to grant funds to the sector private, entirely in the hands of the Pedro Sánchez Administration: Governance is clear and adjudication processes will be done as usual, well attended and with transparency, ”affirm from the department led by the third vice president Nadia Calvio.

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The employer’s association considers it, however, essential, as Mier said yesterday at the press conference: Â «If the thing remains only in advisory councils that meet every six months To say whether you like the performance or not is not enough. There has to be effective business participation and some ministries are considering it, ”said Mier.

Ametic, which has 247 associates and represents more than 15,000 companies, did positively highlight that the Government has responded to the request of its association to increase investments in R&D to leave behind 1.25% past already to bring Spain closer to the European average, around 2.5% of GDP.

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On the other hand, Ametic welcomed the fact that the Spain Digital 2025 agenda and the Government’s Recovery Plan include some of the employer’s proposals, such as the creation of a digital literacy program and the taking into consideration of leading macro-projects in the health, tourism, mobility and agriculture sectors, to which the Government has added trade.

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