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The third meeting of the agreement in Renault fails, which calls the union proposal “unrealistic”

The third meeting of the negotiating committee for the Renault Spain collective agreement ended yesterday without an agreement. The unions propose a four-year agreement, raising wages two points above the CPI each year with a salary revision clause, reduction of the working day one day per year, that the bonuses increase by 20% or that the system of bag of hours is varied, essential points of a claim table of 190 measures.

Renault Spain described this proposal as “very unrealistic”, since according to their calculations it would increase costs by 56%, â € ˜competitively worsenâ € ™ and â € ˜made it difficultâ € ™ to award new products to the Spanish factories. The company wants to limit the effectiveness of the agreement to two years and proposes a salary freeze, a 25% cut in bonuses, an increase in the annual working hours by three days or more flexibility.

The unions assure that there will be no agreement until the company presents its production plans in Spain, which affect more than 12,000 workers at the factories in Valladolid, Palencia and Seville and the central and engineering services of the French group. For Renault Espaà ± a, the insistence of the unions on knowing future awards to continue negotiating the agreement delays the presentation of the group’s Strategic Plan, scheduled for January 2021.

Luca De Meo’s guidelines

Before his visit to the Spanish factories last month, the new executive president of the Renault Group, Luca de Meo, clearly set the directive: “We have 38 factories in different countries and we have to know well where to put our money. It is not about blackmail. It is a professional negotiation. Renault Group lost 7.3 billion in the first half and I have to turn this difficult situation around quickly. If not, there is no more Renault. “The executive, a former CEO of Seat, added that” if there is no agreement with the workers, we will make our decisions. We have confidence in the factories here. We are in an open discussion with the workers and we have a plan. We are not going to announce new products for Valladolid or Palencia. But it is in the plan to renew models like the Kadjar. And for Engines and gearboxes in Seville, the e-Tech technology (plug-in hybrids) is very interesting “.

The management has insisted that this information cannot be contributed to the negotiation until the presentation of the aforementioned Strategic Plan. “Subjecting the progress of the negotiations to the presentation of the Strategic Plan supposes losing the opportunity to anticipate and prepare for the future”warned Jose Antonio RodrÃguez, Director of Human Resources at Renault Spain at the end of the meeting.

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