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The “TikTok teacher” was arrested because he had sex with a minor – He infected her with chlamydia and gonorrhea

Thai police handcuff British influencer Luke Rockwell, known as “his teacher TikTok“, because he had sex with a minor and infected her with chlamydia and gonorrhea, that is sexually transmitted diseases.

As stated by Daily Mail, a 16-year-old used her mother’s cell phone and contacted him online. They then met at his house and had sex.

However, after a few days she developed stomach pains and went to the doctor, who informed her of the sexually transmitted diseases. Since then, Rockwell has decided to cover the minor’s medical expenses, but her mother went to the authorities to reveal “who he is”.

“My daughter has been texting teacher Luke for months using my phone. He deleted the messages after they discussed. They met and had sex without my knowledge, then my daughter contracted gonorrhea and chlamydia from him. I knew something was wrong when my daughter looked very sick. She looked pale and was holding her belly. I kept asking her questions until she told me about this man called Master Luke. Teacher Luke told her to keep everything a secret until she turned 18. He told my daughter that he loved her and that he would let her live with him when she is no longer a minor,” said the mother.

He also added that “my daughter texted him about the STD test result where she had tested positive for gonorrhea. He promised to bear the cost. I didn’t file a police report because I want money or compensation. I don’t care about money. I want every woman and every child to know how evil teacher Luke is. It’s embarrassing for me to tell people what’s going on in my family, but I hope to prevent Master Luke from taking advantage of any girls again in the future.”

Source: News Beast

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