The tile company Ascer distrusts the budget of the Government of Sánchez for the recovery

The ceramic employers condemn the state accounts for 2021 due to their great dependence on European funds and believes that "the collection estimates are too optimistic"

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The ceramic employer Ascer has affirmed that the General State Budgets for 2021 they do not guarantee the recovery of the Spanish economy nor the boost to productivity and competitiveness that it needs, and has considered that “This is not the time to raise taxes.”

According to a statement from Ascer, the Spanish accounts for 2021 reflect a high dependence on European fundsTherefore, if the forecasts are not met, the inconsistency of the Budgets is even greater.

In a scenario marked by uncertaint, the Budgets for 2021 do not hold up, since They start from a macroeconomic situation with already outdated forecasts given the intensity of the second wave »of Covid-19, indicates Ascer.

In addition, the tile association believes that collection estimates are too optimistic, given that the worsening of the pandemic is paralyzing activities and services, which results in less income via corporate tax, VAT and personal income tax.

According to him, the Increase in fiscal pressure will slow down the recovery of economic activity and therefore employment, and it will limit the competitiveness of companies »in a European environment where tax cuts and direct aid are widespread.

On the other hand, the employer of the main economic sector of the province of Castellón, Ascer, considers that the state budgets for this next 2021  «are very expansive», and understands that in the current context measures are required to mitigate the social impact Like the ERTE, but they must also be  «transitory measures that do not compromise the future» of recovery in subsequent years.

The tile sector insists on the need to improve competitiveness of Spain resuming the application of structural reforms to transform the Spanish production model and make it more sustainable, competitive and solid.

242 million for the province in 2021

Pedro Sánchez intends to maintain the investment pulse for 2021 to avoid the collapse of the economy of the province of Castellón amid the coronavirus pandemic. With an investment planned in Castellón that will reach 242.9 million euros, the President of the Government aspires to face a Covid-19 crisis to which the end is not yet seen and whose economic consequences are unforeseeable. The 242.9 million planned for next year represent Practically the same figure that the President of the Government already considered in the failed accounts – they did not obtain sufficient support – for the 2020 financial year.

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