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The tool that helps you understand where your psychophysical well-being is (and how you can improve it)

Cutting-edge technology and software, supported by Artificial Intelligence: these are the ingredients that Technogyma world-leading brand in the gym & fitness sector, skilfully mixes new products and digital solutions at the service of well-being, which it presented during the latest edition of Rimini Wellnessthe international event that takes stock of well-being at 360 degrees, in the fitness, sport, holistic and medical well-being and healthy nutrition sectors.

There’s just under a couple of months left untilinauguration of the Paris 2024 Olympicsand Technogym, the reference brand of the Olympic Games for athletic training, will set up 29 centers on site for the preparation of over 15 Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Likewise, to begin to “savour” the Olympic experience, it offered visitors to Rimini Wellness the opportunity to preview and train with the machines and equipment, which will be available during Paris 2024: hardware and software of the latest generation, which form the Technogym Ecosystema unique ecosystem made of connected smart equipment, software, apps, artificial intelligence, on-demand training content and technology services, which offers users the ability to access an experience of Fully personalized workout on individual needs, objectives and passions and to sector operators the possibility of better managing the customer journey and improving attraction, loyalty and secondary spending within the structure.

One of the most interesting innovations also fits into this perspective: Technogym Checkup, the solution for evaluation of physical and cognitive parameterswhich thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence gives users the opportunity to obtain personalized and targeted training programs based on their physical and functional parameters, while monitoring their progress.

How the Technogym Checkup works

We saw how it works live at Rimini Wellness: Technogym Checkup resembles a treadmill, but instead of the roller it has a platform, equipped with sensors connected to the software. In front of them, the user will see a giant monitor where your medical history will appear. By climbing barefoot onto the platform and placing your hands on the side knobs, also equipped with sensors, in a few minutes the system is able to to scan body composition, analyzing strength performance, balance, mobility and cognitive abilities. So, combining all the data into the metric Wellness Age and Technogym Coach (the Artificial Intelligence that unifies the entire ecosystem) prescribes effective training protocols, consisting of exercises on machines, but also free body, which adapt over time, as the user’s psychophysical composition changes.

Where can you try it?

Technogym Checkup is available upon quote for business customersso it will soon be usable at gyms, beauty centers, medical centers and any company that wants to offer its users a complete service that creates awareness of their idea of ​​well-being.

Source: Vanity Fair

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