The total cost of transactions in the bitcoin network per day updated the maximum

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The total cost of transactions per day in the bitcoin network reached a record high of $ 31 billion. Investor Kevin Rook drew attention to this.

Since the beginning of the year, the indicator has grown 40 times. The expert emphasized that these are not trading volumes, but funds transferred in the network.

Analyst Willie Wu noted that the first cryptocurrency blockchain processes about $ 190,000 per second, compared to $ 130,000 for Visa for US customers and $ 55,000 for Mastercard.

Average transaction volume has skyrocketed since August, peaking at $ 1.95 million, according to BitinfoCharts.

Journalist Colin Wu drew attention to the fact that the share of transactions worth more than $ 10 million reached 70% – this was a record figure.

On October 6, the bitcoin price surpassed the $ 55,000 mark. Two days later, the asset tested the $ 56,000 level. According to JPMorgan analysts, the local rally of the first cryptocurrency was facilitated by the interest of institutions, the growing popularity of the Lightning Network micropayment network, as well as assurances from the US authorities about the assets.

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