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The Tourism Sector Asks Europe To Speed Up The Approval Of The Vaccination Certificate To Save The Summer

The tourism sector has welcomed the proposal for the green digital certificate, or vaccination certificate, made this Wednesday by the European Commission. This document, which will be digital and printed and will have all the tourist’s health information related to Covid-19 (if they have been vaccinated, what evidence does they have, if they have passed the disease), “will allow to reactivate mobility throughout Europe “.

The air sector, one of the hardest hit by mobility restrictions, believes that “it is a key tool to facilitate a safe and efficient resumption of trips and tourism in Europe “, according to a joint statement from several international associations, such as Airlines for Europe, which represents the airlines, ACI Europe (for the airports) or IATA (International Air Transport Agency), among others. .

This proposal has yet to be approved. and, for this reason, these organizations ask the Council of the EU and the European Parliament to urgently approve the Commission’s proposal and that all member states immediately begin preparations for its implementation.

Homogeneous criteria

ALA, the Air Lines Association, which groups more than 80 airlines operating in Spain, also believes that this document is positive, but asks for speed in its start-up. “It is important that the proposal is processed in the most agile way possible so that it is approved before the summer, but above all that states implement it in a coordinated manner”, said Javier Gándara, president of ALA.

In theory, this certificate will serve to remove some restrictions that still exist for travel, such as quarantines, and the idea is that people who are vaccinated do not have to undergo a PCR either. In any case, these criteria are intended to be common to all countries, not like last summer, when each country went on its own and some requested PCR, others quarantines and others nothing.

“It will make it possible to efficiently check the different conditions that can allow travelers to fly again, such as the vaccination status, the tests that have been carried out or the presence or absence of antibodies, so that people can travel with all the security guarantees, “says Gándara.

Since the Tourism Board They also believe that this health passport will help to reactivate travel with the maximum security guarantees “.” It will include not only information on whether the person is vaccinated against Covid, but also the results of PCR, antigen tests or even if the disease has already passed “, they recall.

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