The Treasury wants to prohibit tax amnesties and limit cash payments between professionals to 1,000 euros

The Government approves a preliminary project in which, once again, it tries to carry out these measures within a plan that will add 800 million annually to tax collection


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The government wants limit cash payment between professionals and entrepreneurs from 2,500 to 1,000 euros, as well as prohibiting tax amnesties by law. It has already tried to do so as part of the measures included in the 2019 accounts, and now it is doing so again after approving a draft bill that includes these and other actions with which, according to the Minister of Finance, MarÃa Jesús Montero, annual collection will be increased by an additional 800 million

In this way, the Treasury tries to “decrease amounts” that can be paid in cash in the professional sphere as a measure of fight against the black economy. Within this line of action, the Government also wants to reduce the limit for individuals with tax domicile abroad from 15,000 euros to 10,000 euros.

And with regard to tax amnesty, the Executive wants to materialize a promise made by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and which was criticized for being purely aesthetic. Their critics pointed out that it would be enough to create a new law to repeal the one the Executive is now trying to carry out if at some point a future government wants to carry out a new tax amnesty.

Likewise, the threshold of the debt with the Treasury that entails appearing in the list of debtors is lowered to 600,000 euros and the concept of tax havens is reinforced, the double software will be prohibited allowing companies to hide part of their activity through It’s double counting and there will be greater control over cryptocurrencies.

Budgets “before the end of October”

Regarding the processing of the General State Budgets for next year, the Government spokesperson has also pointed out that the draft is “practically closed”, and that she hopes that the bill reaches the Council of Ministers “before the end of October“.

Montero has also pointed out that, although the works are already well advanced, the Government still does not have sufficient parliamentary support. “We must seek alliances and consensus for an extraordinary Budget at an unprecedented moment in the country,” said the head of the Treasury.

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