The trick to post on Instagram from PC and Mac

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Work better on PC photos for later publish them directly on Instagram without going through the application? It can be done. How? With a little trick to switch directly from your computer or Mac without using a smartphone or emulators and other assorted systems (such as BlueStacks). It only takes a couple of simple steps, using the features offered by browsers, web browsing programs, to change theuser agent, that is the string that the software uses to communicate to the sites various information on the browsing session such as the program, the operating system and the device being used.

The method works with photos and (in the vast majority of cases) not with videos. Once connected to your profile, that is, after entering your username and password and logging in, you need to ask the browser to display, i.e. download, the mobile version. With Google Chrome, Firefox o Microsoft Edge it’s child’s play: just touch anywhere on the screen, once inside, with the mouse button inside and then choose the last item, the one called Inspection O Analyze Item. From the menu that will open, on Chrome for example in the right half of the screen, it will be necessary look for the tablet and smartphone icons to open the page in mobile version. If you don’t see the “+” symbol to add content, that’s enough refresh the page. To do this, especially on Chrome, there are also dedicated extensions come User-Agent Switcher for Chrome (omonima per Firefox).

Microsoft Edge deserves a separate study. Once connected to you need to click on menu (…) at the top right, then selecting the items Other Tools> Development Tools. From there, you need to select the Edge Emulation tab, widen the Device drop-down menu and select a smartphone or tablet model from those listed. Also in this case there are addons as a desktop version of Instagram or Web for Instagram to get around in an even easier way.

If, on the other hand, it is mainly used Safari, Apple’s browser, the way is a bit different: you have to click on Preferences and then track down the item Advanced, by checking the box Show development menu in the menu bar, which is located at the bottom. Subsequently from Development it will be necessary to choose the user agent, selecting one of the options related to Safari – iOS. Finally, remember to return to the traditional view to continue browsing other sites.

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