The true story between Lady Diana and Major James Hewitt

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The Crown 4 well told the (disastrous) marriage between Diana Spencer and the Prince Charles. “Too crowded”, with the presence of Camilla always well defined. But as the Netflix series hints, and the princess’s own subsequent statements, she too had several lovers. The most famous”? The major James Hewitt. He was her riding instructor, and the two met in 1986, about five years after her marriage to Carlo.

The two, according to the latest reconstructions, would have been together intermittently for about five years. And, as the Daily Mail, at the beginning of their relationship Diana allegedly smuggled him into Kensington Palace hiding it in the trunk of a car. According to Sydney Morning Herald, Hewitt described their love story as full of “Frivolity, escapism, walks, laughter and cooking”.

The two later separated when Hewitt was sent to Germany for a two-year military term. According to Diana’s bodyguard Ken Wharfe, Hewitt waited until the last moment to tell the princess about her move. Second ABC News, the two they continued to write letters between 1990 and 1991 while he served as a tank commander during the Gulf War. According to Daily Mail, Hewitt was then discharged from the army due – according to him – to rumors about his relationship with the princess.

Three years later Anna Pasternak published Princess in Love, a book detailing their relationship, and to this tale Hewitt had cooperated. For this reason Diana addressed the subject publicly in a 1995 interview. “I was absolutely shocked when that book came out, because I trusted him … it was very distressing for me.” Diana called him a “great friend” until then, only to admit their relationship: “He was always there to support me… I loved him. Yes, I was in love with him. But the book has disappointed me ».

Hewitt scrissand another book of memories in 1999, two years after Diana’s tragic death. Titled Love and War, he recounted his relationship with Diana and the letters she had sent him while he was away with the army. There is also another version which, however, the former major of the British army has always denied. Many, in fact, cyclically point out one “Strong resemblance” between Hewitt and Prince Harry. There was never any confirmation: “My relationship with Diana began two years after Harry was born, but that poor boy has always been plagued by this media lie.”

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