The Trump Organization is facing a new investigation by the Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office

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The Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office has set up a new, second special jury to examine evidence against former US President Donald Trump’s group and decide whether to prosecute the Trump Organization again, according to a report in The Washington Post. It was shortly after a jury voted to indict Trump and his former chief financial officer for alleged tax evasion.

The jury is called upon to consider how the former planetary leader’s company valued its assets, according to The Washington Post.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

However, according to The Washington Post, the jury began examining the data last week and will probably continue to meet three days a week for the next six months, according to sources familiar with the matter and quoted by the American newspaper.

The Trump Organization, for its part, did not immediately respond to Forbes’ request to comment on the article.

The first criminal prosecution

However, it is recalled that in June Trump and his former chief financial officer, Allen Weiselberg, were indicted by another jury investigating a 15-year tax evasion case of the former president’s company, through the channeling of 1.7 million dollars of tax-free money to its executives. Both Weiselberg and Trump’s company have pleaded not guilty to tax evasion charges.

Trump, meanwhile, is reportedly facing another criminal investigation by the Westchester County Attorney’s Office, which is investigating whether Trump’s Westchester National Golf Club underestimated the value of the company in order to pay less tax.

Trump’s group is also facing possible criminal prosecution by the office of the Attorney General of the state of New York. Attorney General Leticia James is investigating the value of Trump’s assets in a civil investigation that could lead to a lawsuit against the former president’s group.

The trial of Trump and Treasury Director Allen Weiselberg is expected to begin in late August or early September 2022, coinciding with the crucial pre-election period in the United States, in which he is likely to be heavily involved. and Trump himself.

Last month, meanwhile, Trump gave a four-hour vow testimony in a lawsuit filed by a group of Mexican protesters who claim to have been attacked outside the Trump Tower in 2015.

Trump was indicted for the case, although he was not present during the alleged attack. Former Trump security chief Keith Schiller is accused of punching a protester in the face and is also a defendant, as is Trump’s campaign staff.


Source From: Forbes

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