The turnover of the food market decreased at Easter

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The total turnover of organized food retail (food stores over 100 sq.m., Mainland Greece & Crete, excluding the Islands & the discount channel) showed a decrease of 5.4% this year before Easter (24/04/22) , in relation to the corresponding last year (2/5/21).

According to the measurement company NielsenIQ, all major product categories showed negative trends, while the most intense were those of bazaar products (-13.5%), as well as products for household care (-10.7%). However, despite the negative growth rates, the total market turnover increased by 12.8% compared to the pro-covid era.

In terms of geographical areas, the urban centers of Athens and Thessaloniki recorded the most negative trends, at -12.7% and -11.1% respectively, as after two consecutive years with lockdowns and restrictions on travel, consumers seem to have chosen to spend Easter in the region. This fact proves the significant growth recorded by sales in the region of Central Greece (+ 9.3%), but also in the Peloponnese (+ 11.4%).

Regarding the fresh and weighed products, for which NielsenIQ now has data at the level of categories, it is observed that the fall in the total turnover was reflected in the category of meat, which also has its honorary due to Easter Sunday, with sales to decrease by 1.7%. The lambs, as a whole, fell 3.4%, and more specifically, the lamb fell 2.6% and the goat fell 5.7%. On the contrary, the sheep increased its sales by 52.4%, but with a small share in the sales of the meat category as a whole. What emerges from the study of the trends of the sub-categories is that the consumer this year probably preferred to replace the spear with other meat products, whose sales increased by 4.7%, while at the same time the increase in sales of beef was a result of the increase. of its price and not of sales volume, since it moved positively in turnover (+ 8.3%) but declining in volume (-4.6%).

In the categories of fresh-bulk products, there was an upward trend for poultry and chicken, which recorded higher sales by 5.5% and 5.7% respectively, while vegetables remained at the same levels as last year for which a marginally increased trend to + 0.6%, with tomatoes (+ 11.6%), cucumbers (+ 17.2%), but also lettuces (+ 33.2%) holding, due to price increases, the total turnover of vegetables.

Source: Capital

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