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The two nurses who were killed in the fatal car accident in Libya – Photo before flying to Benghazi

They were made public photos showing the members of the Greek mission to Libya shortly before the fatal traffic accident and in one of them, the two dead people appear nurses.

The photo was shown on the Live News show and was taken just before they travel at the airport in Benghazi and board the fateful bus.

It can be seen on the right the 40-year-old E.A. originally from Heraklion, who served in the Air Force as a nurse in the 251 GNA, while left GM, who served in the navy.

“He texted me ‘Dad we’re fine'”

Also, the father of one of the victims spoke on the Mega show, noting that his son sent him a message as soon as they arrived in Libya.

He was in the Paratrooper division. He has been in the army for 8 years. In Libya I don’t know, it must have been the first time, he went elsewhere. He reached Egypt, Ukraine, he went to many countries,” he said characteristically.

“Yesterday at noon, one o’clock, he sent me a message, because they don’t have phones. He sent me a message “dad, we’ve arrived, we’re fine“. From then on, no communication. 27 years old he was married. What else can I tell you? There’s nothing more…”, he then added.

Source: News Beast

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