The two people who managed to reach the deepest part of the ocean

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There were only two people who ever made it deepest point of the ocean, at a depth of 11.2 km below the water surface.

It is a fact that the ocean is one of the last places on the planet that has not yet been fully explored, with many mysteries waiting in the dark waters of the deep sea. The deepest point in the world, known as the Mariana Trench, is 11.2 km below the water surface, about 1.5 m above the height of Mount Everest. and is located in the western Pacific Ocean, reports

Generally, a moat consists of deep abysses formed by tectonic plates. When the plates collide with each other, sometimes one plate sinks beneath the other, creating a long, deep scar in the Earth’s crust.

While the ocean floor is full of these ditches, the Mariana Trench has gained special attention and research due to its great depth. In fact, the area has been established as a national monument by the US government for its protection for further study. Despite all the attention, however, given to this particular moat, to date only two people in history have ever reached its deepest point, known as the Challenger Deep.

The first and only dive 60 years ago

The first and only time anyone reached the infamous Challenger Deep was in 1960. According to, two men –US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard– selected for the historic dive.

Walsh recalls that the program’s ultimate goal was kept secret until he volunteered, and that his diving boat fired a significant amount of sediment that prevented divers from taking pictures, but despite tremendous pressure, they spotted a fish shortly before landing.

Unmanned submarines have studied other deep-water ditches, discovering strange organisms, but there is certainly much left to learn about the deeper parts of the world.

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