The two-year-old with a rare form of dwarfism who still wears the clothes of a newborn

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He is two years old, but weighs just over 3 kilos and the clothes he wears are those of a newborn.

Abigail Lee from Louisiana was diagnosed with a rare form dwarfism called Microcephalic Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism Type II. This means that it can grow up to about 60 cm.

In fact, the little one is smaller than several of her toys. Her mother, 25-year-old Emily Lee, first discovered that baby she did not grow up normally when she was pregnant. When Abigail was born by caesarean section, she weighed just over a pound.

THE mother two children said, according to the Daily Mail: “It only fits in newborn clothes. So I do not know what we will do when he is old enough to tell me that he no longer wants to wear bodysuits.

My best friend has a 2 year old child and if you see them side by side they are crazy. Toys for kids her age are gigantic next to her. She has a table and chairs for her Barbie where she can sit.

“She eats like a normal child, but there are many things a 2-year-old would do and she can’t because her size holds her back.”

Abigail was diagnosed eight weeks after giving birth when doctors determined she had not grown at all.

The little girl spent 8 weeks in the hospital before she could return home with her mother, father and 4-year-old sister.

“When I was pregnant she was always three weeks behind in her development. I had a caesarean section at 36 weeks and went straight to the intensive care unit. She did everything normally, breathing and eating fine but it was tiny.

When he was diagnosed, we had never heard of this type of dwarfism, so we had no idea what it was. For months I struggled to find someone who had been through the same and could help. “On the day he was diagnosed, I just sat in the car in the hospital parking lot and cried for two hours because I did not know what I was doing,” said the mother.

“She is healthy but has complications and cannot walk. But it crawls and heals. “She also has poor eyesight and we have a hard time finding glasses to make her,” she said. Her eldest daughter is by her side and helps her with the little one.

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