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The UN General Assembly is debating a proposed resolution for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip

After the failure of his Security Council UN to adopt a resolution on the Middle East, the Organization’s General Assembly is being asked today to adopt a non-binding resolution, already rejected by Israel, calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire” to be implemented in Gaza Stripas the war between Israel and Hamas is already in its 21st day.

Jordan, on behalf of the group of 22 Arab countries, requested that the vote on the draft decision be held at 15.00 (local time, 22.00 Greek time) although at least 100 country representatives have requested to speak. Aman’s proposal was accepted by the 193 members of the General Assemblywhich was called after the divided Security Council rejected four resolutions in less than two weeks.

To approve the resolution two-thirds of the countries that will vote should be in favor. In this text it is requested to be implemented immediately “humanitarian ceasefire, sustainable and lasting, which will lead to the cessation of hostilities”. The previous version of the resolution called for an “immediate ceasefire”.

The draft drawn up by Jordan and supported by 40 countries focuses on the humanitarian situation in Gaza and calls for the immediate and unhindered provision of water, food, fuel and electricity to residents of the enclave. They also condemn “all acts of violence against Palestinian and Israeli civilians, especially all acts of terrorism and attacks” while expressing “deep concern about the escalation of violence following the October 7, 2023 attack,” without naming Hamas. This drew the ire of Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan, who said on Thursday that the text’s place was “in the dustbin of history”.

Canada tabled an amendment to the Jordanian plan that “unreservedly condemns the terrorist attacks by Hamas” and calls for “the immediate and unconditional release” of the hostages.

Source: News Beast

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