The UN Security Council has called for a “representative government” from the Taliban

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The UN Security Council renewed today for six months, until March 17, 2022, its political mission in Afghanistan, with a resolution in which he also asks them Taliban an “inclusive and representative government” as well their participation women in social life.

The resolution, adopted unanimously of the 15 members of the Council, insists on the “importance of forming an inclusive and representative government” while calling for “full, equal and significant participation of women and respect for human rights, including those of women, children and minorities”; », According to ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

The text was written by Estonia and the Norway, which immediately welcomed the Council ‘s “single message” on Afghanistan.

In August, a resolution of the SA requested free movement for Afghans seeking to leave the country, he received only 13 votes, as Russia and China abstained.

In its resolution, the SA underlines “him important role which the United Nations will continue to play in promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan. “

The resolution also recognizes “the need to redouble efforts to provide humanitarian aid in Afghanistan “and confirms” its importance fight against terrorism” in the country.

According to diplomatic sources, cited by Reuters and AFP, the Taliban not opposed the extension of the UN mission.

“They are forced to be more flexible” and “more pragmatic” than they were when they first came to power in the late 1990s, said a UN expert on condition of anonymity. “The Taliban have need the UN and is our “lever” of pressure in order to be able to influence their decisions, he tells AFP.

The members of the SA ask, finally, in their resolution from the General Secretary Antonio Guterres to inform them of the situation in Afghanistan and the activities of the Agency’s mission in that country (Manua) every two months until mid-March, and to written essay by 31 January on the future of the UN mission “in the light of recent political and social developments and security developments”.

It is worth mentioning that in recent weeks many non-governmental organizations such as international Amnesty and Human Rights Observatory, insisted that the UN and its approximately 2,000 representatives in Afghanistan must maintain their presence in the country so that they can report on human rights violations in the country.

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