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The UN Security Council has called for the perpetrators of the attack in Kabul to be held accountable

Its perpetrators deadly attack at Kabul airport should be “brought to justice,” he said UN Security Council on Friday, condemning the “hateful”, as he characterized it, energy.

“The members of the Security Council have emphasized the need to do so to be accountable “The perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of criminal terrorist acts should be brought to justice,” the UN statement said, calling on “all states” to “work together.

“THE deliberate targeting of civilians and staff assisting in the release of civilians “He is very hateful and should be condemned,” he added.

The UN body “reiterated its importance to fight terrorism in Afghanistan to ensure that (the country) will not be used to threaten or attack a country. “

“No organization or Afghan not “It must support the terrorists operating in any country,” he said.

It is recalled that the jihadist organization Islamic state – and in particular its branch in Afghanistan – claimed responsibility for the attack near Kabul airport that caused the death at least 90 people, of which 13 American soldiers responsible for the security of a huge operation to free Afghan civilians from the country after the Taliban returned to power.

Finally, the Security Council called on “all parties involved to respect and facilitate the release with the complete safety of the citizens “.

According to APE BPE, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres convened a Security Council meeting on Monday to discuss the chaotic situation in Afghanistan following the Kabul attack, and said that London and Paris were already working on draft decision for Afghanistan.

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