The underwater “ghost” with the 87.8 million cocaine and the two bodies

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The Colombian Navy was confronted with a chilling sight straight out of the TV series ‘Narcos’ when he seized a ‘ghost submarine“, where he found two corpses on him – with me cocaine valued at over $87.7 million. Officials estimate that inside the 49-foot-long vessel, which was found floating in the Pacific Ocean on Sunday, there were more than 2.6 tons of cocaine.

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Also found were two survivors, who needed life-saving medical attention. Its Ministry of National Defense Colombia said in a statement that “as soon as the illegal submarine was located, military personnel found two people, who were not in good health, outside the vessel.” “Obviously, there was accident inside the submarine due to the generation of toxic gases from the fuel,” the announcement continues.

“The two men received first aid and were transferred to a nearby boat, where they were provided with necessary medical care to ensure their lives”. The two survivors – as well as the bodies and cargo – were taken to the municipality of Tumaco, “where they were presented to the Prosecutor’s Office’s Technical Investigations Corps,” the statement concluded.

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THE Colombian government praised the navy’s efforts to prevent drug trafficking, estimating that it held more than 6 million doses away from the illegal market. Officials also released a video since the officers boarded the partially sunken vessel and removed the dozens of bricks of cocaine found inside.

The submarine was one of three recently seized by the government and allegedly belonging to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), local media reported. The FARC, a group that tried to overthrow the Colombian government between 1964 and 2017, is involved in drug trafficking, kidnapping and other criminal activities to finance her work.

The team has been working to develop submarine mines, like the one found on Sunday, that can travel partially submerged to avoid detection from radars and other tracking equipment.

Source: News Beast

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