The Undoing, Matilda De Angelis: “The thrill of acting with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman”

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From 8 January, with all six episodes available for binge watching, arrives on Sky Atlantic The Undoing – The Untold Truths, which sees the protagonist, alongside Hugh Grant e Nicole Kidman an amazing Matilda De Angelis.

Pivot of the whole story, his presence is fundamental within the six episodes that make up the miniseries directed by Susan Bier, in which De Angelis plays Elena Alves. Puffy curly hair that, like a cloud that promises a storm, sweeps away the seeming quiet of New York that matters.

Her character is destabilizing, a time bomb that blows up the perfect and immutable patterns of the high-ranking mothers of New York’s Upper East and West Side.

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«The whatsapp groups of school mothers are nothing in comparison»Jokes De Angelis in connection for interviews with the cast of The Undoing, happy to be able to speak Italian with us. In the video interview, she confided that she was very nervous in the days before the first take, in particular because the scene with which she broke the ice was precisely that of the final episode: “I was very agitated, this goes without saying, for me it was impossible to think that that thing was true, it really was something from the other world in my head. Therefore I was very nervous, I slept badly, jet lag drove me crazy, but I must say that I found a really nice, constructive, free environment, and I also felt very comfortable, despite what I thought. I had really left with an immeasurable fear of what I would find there, but then he confirmed that cinema is a bit of a country, once if you are there you find a home there too ».

The character of Elena Alves is also functional to tell an aspect that goes beyond The Undoing, and comes directly from the crime news that we hear every day on the news: «The series is a very faithful portrait of the society in which we live today, especially in the historical moment that we have lived lately. I think we have all understood how much the media can really influence public opinion, and how they can determine the outcome of a trial ”.

The tension, we are sure, will keep you in suspense until the final episode, because one of the peculiarities of The Undoing – The hidden truths and of be unpredictable, to the last (we warned you!).

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