The United States demands that the Taliban respect women’s rights

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The US special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, met on Saturday in Doha, Qatar, with the head of government diplomacy formed by the Taliban and reminded that the international community opposes the very strict restrictions imposed by the Taliban. Islamists in Afghanistan.

“Girls should go to school and women should have the right to move freely and work without restrictions in order to normalize relations with the unrecognized Taliban government,” West said on Twitter after the meeting. with Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaki.

They also discussed the stabilization of the Afghan economy and the risk of attacks, according to the US envoy.

“The dialogue will continue to support the Afghan people and our national interests,” he added.

After seizing power in August as US troops withdrew, the Taliban promised that their regime would be more compromising than the first (1996-2001), which was characterized as fundamentalist.

But in recent months they have resumed repression where he disagrees with them and imposed suffocating restrictions on women.

In early May, the Taliban leader ordered women to cover their bodies completely in public, including their faces, wearing the traditional burqa. Previously, a scarf was enough to cover the hair.

In late March, the Taliban closed girls’ schools and high schools, just hours after the girls returned to their long-awaited classes.

After the Taliban took power, Afghanistan’s economy collapsed and unemployment exploded, mainly due to the liquidity crisis caused by the freezing of the former government’s multibillion-dollar reserves abroad, above all those of the Afghan central bank. USA.


Source: Capital

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