The “ups and downs” in insurance in France – One million citizens on the streets

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Last week the French took to the streets to protest the French President’s insurance reform Emmanuel Macron which includes a reversal of the retirement age limits from 62.5 to 64 with 44 years of insurance. For its part, the French Government is determined to maintain the timetable, as it presented today to the cabinet the reform of pensionwithout any concession to the main demands of the unions, who insist on escalating the mobilizations after the first and massive mobilization last week.

Labor Minister Olivier Dishopt will then address journalists alongside government spokesman Olivier Veran. After the first day of strikes and demonstrations involving one to two million citizens who took to the streets across the country and ahead of the next day of protests on January 31, French President Emmanuel Macron and his government are taking advantage of today’s cabinet meeting to restate their goal: a swift parliamentary debate on the entry into force of the controversial reform the summer.

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Government ministers assure that they are ready for a dialogue aimed at enriching the text, but only in terms of regional points. They left open for the first time during the weekend the possibility of taking stricter measures for employment of the older ones. Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Atal said he was ready “to consider without taboo restrictive measures for businesses that will not comply, while for now the French government is betting on an “indicator” that raises doubts among the unions. The opponents of the reform persistently demand the withdrawal of the measures for age limits.

In the face of discontent, the government is trying to maintain a positive attitude. “I don’t see one million people on the road, but a million people who must to convince“, assured Olivier Veran.

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Source: News Beast

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