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The US “empties” Israel of the West Bank: Those responsible to be held accountable

The USA strongly criticized it Israel for what he commits to West Bank since the Middle East was ignited, especially since the region is home to the most moderate internationally recognized Palestinian.

According Arabic media, after the attack by Hamasone one of Israel’s first moves was to send bulldozers and troops into the West Bankto evict Palestinians from their homes, which will then pass into the hands of Israeli settlers.

Information from abroad speaks of dozens of dead and clashes with the Israeli authorities, with the US making it clear that those responsible must be held accountable this time.

The settler attacks in the West Bank are “incredibly destabilizing and counterproductive to Israel’s long-term securityexcept that they are, of course, extremely damaging to the Palestinians living in the West Bank,” said the spokesperson of the US State Department Matthew Miller to journalists.

“We sent them a very clear message: this is unacceptable, it must stop and the those responsible must be held accountableMiller said, referring to the discussions between the US and the Israeli government.

It is noted that Palestinian territory, occupied by Israel since 1967the West Bank is the field of many operations of the Israeli armyIsraeli settler violence against the Palestinian people and Palestinian attacks against Jewish settlements and Israeli forces.

Source: News Beast

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