The US government and 8 states sued Google for an advertising monopoly

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The US Department of Justice appealed today against her Googlewhich it accuses of monopolistic practices in the online advertising market, according to a court filing.

The internet search giant is already facing other competition law prosecutions.

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Google’sused anti-competitive, prohibitive and illegal methods to eliminate or substantially limit any threat to its dominance in the technologies used in digital advertising“, claims the US government.

The Justice Department and eight states, including California and New York, are asking the courts to convict the California company of violating competition law, order it to pay damages and order it to cease operations. related to the sale of advertising space on the internet. As they explain in their appeal, Google controls both the technologies they use “almost all websites» to sell banners or pop-ups to advertisers, as well as the tools used to buy those spaces, and the market where those transactions take place.

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“More than 13 billion ads are sold every day” online in the US, they point out. They also argue that Google abused its dominant position to exclude its competitors, notably “systematically bringing under its control the various digital tools used by publishers, advertisers and other market players”.

The losses are obvious: website owners earn less and advertisers spend more“, it is noted in the appeal.

Google has already been ordered in the past, mainly by the European Union, to pay fines for violating competition law. In the US, a first lawsuit against it was filed in 2020 by a group of States, led by Texas.

Source: News Beast

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