The US president who inspired the terminology for infidelity


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For most people, at least certainly for women, the infidelity is one of the experiences they would never want to experience in their life. However, some men, even when they have the most beautiful woman next to them, tend to believe and for this, as strange as it sounds to you, there is a scientifically substantiated answer.

The phenomenon is called the “Coolidge Phenomenon” and took its name from the 30th US President Calvin Coolidge. So in the 1920s, President Coolidge enjoyed a guided tour with his wife – in separate groups – on an experimental state farm. Outside the farmhouse, Mrs. Coolidge asked the guide if the rooster was performing its “duties” to get the answer “several times a day, ma’am.” The then first lady of the USA said to the guide, “Please tell this to my husband too”.

When it was his turn chairman to be guided to the henhouse, his guide conveyed the words of his wife and Coolidge after a little thought asked him “with the same hen every time?”. The guide’s response was “no, with another hen each time”, with President Coolidge urging him to pass the information on to his wife!

The scientific explanation of infidelity

There is a flaw in nature strategy, an error in the system, if you will. Staying with the first person in love forever and staying connected to it forever would not help spread our genes. The spread of genes is the first priority of Nature, with the individual happiness of everyone not being included in the “plan”.

Thus, almost all mammals, including humans, have a built-in, ancient mechanism that scientists they call it the “Coolidge Effect.” It works to make us look for “matings” in order to do the work of fertilization. The Coolidge effect creates a tolerance in the same person, which extends to a lack of stimuli and even boredom. Over time, the desire for the same sexual partner decreases, with the search for a new partner being the only solution.

This is something that farmers know very well, as, for example, bulls will mate with one cow only per season, looking for other cows in the field in order to fertilize the entire herd.

A logic that does not fit, however, with today’s lifestyle, as everyone seeks their other half, in order to stay with him forever. Religions and societies, however, have used all sorts of strategies to overcome this “mistake” by allowing men to have more wives, marrying young people and encouraging them to start large families to keep them busy and distracted. mistresses etc.

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