The viral video of the little boy and the sad death at the age of 6

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The death of one causes grief of a boy which had gone viral because of a video his mother had taken some years ago. The little boy who suffered from non-immune disease passed away at the age of only 6 years.

“Where are we going to eat?” (Where we about to eat at?) Was the attack that little Antwain Fowler said in a few seconds video, which had made the rounds of the internet.

The sad news was confirmed by the little boy’s mother, Chyna, on her Instagram account last Sunday.

“The pain in my heart is like no other. Why God? “, He wrote, to add:” Never in a million years. “My heart has come out of my chest.”

Antwain went viral after the enjoyable video was posted by his mother, while the little one was in his car seat. In July 2015, shortly after he had completed one year of life, the boy was diagnosed with one autoimmune disease (autoimmune enteropathy), according to the Daily Mail.

In the description on the page on GoFundMe, where more than 54,000 have been raised for expenses related to his illness, his family has described how his life was affected.

“The first four years of his life were a constant struggle and a very critical experience for his family. Through unlimited prayers, faith and physicians who worked constantly, Antwain is progressively healed. “And we are really grateful for what he has achieved so far,” the page said.

The family has not confirmed the exact cause of his death, but more than half a million of his fans have expressed their support for his mother in the comments below the post. The little boy was in and out of hospitals and had undergone 25 surgeries. According to his family, he could not drink milk or eat solid food in his early years.

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