The virtual world of Metaverse redefines communication and marketing

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Despite the many predictions for the imminent end of Facebook, this remains strong in our digital world, against those who have been systematically announcing his death for several years. Overcoming or even partially meeting the challenges, he succeeds and has a dominant role.

But in tech companies it is not enough to reach the top once to stay there. You need to constantly innovate and reinvent yourself. To be able to be essentially groundbreaking, constantly opening new roads and not relying on your laurels. This, the last one, is something that we have seen happen many times. I just remember names like NOKIA, BlackBerry, IBM or Motorola.

On Facebook, they obviously understand that in order to maintain their balance on the innovation bike, they will have to keep pedaling. And that’s exactly what they do.

The Metaverseaspires to be the reinvention of Facebook. It is too early to say whether it will succeed, as we have not seen for ourselves its full potential, so that we can understand its prospects. However, it is clear that this technology meets all the requirements to achieve this.

The transition to virtual or augmented reality creates completely new data. It changes the way we communicate and interact. It puts a gamification dimension that for years was sought in the effort to make the transmission of messages easier and especially their understanding.

This new condition creates significant opportunities in the field of communication and marketing, which is a real oxygen for the development of metaverses (I use plural because it will not be one but many more). We get a new environment for promoting our corporate messages, even more personalized, and – therefore – more effective, as the user engagement increases even more. Because his identification with an avatar in an impressive parallel digital universe is in fact more intense than just reading a creative, in a two-dimensional banner of a website for example. It creates the feeling of greater connection between the transmitter and the receiver of the message, compared to the traditional methods. Adds completely new products and advertising and communication services.

For example, we will no longer have boring corporate newsletters, but the avatar of a trendy brand ambassador will explain corporate achievements and company policies through a digitally experiential experience.

And the more users we enter the virtual world, the more effective will be the communication and PR actions that companies will do, knowing better the consumers through digital reflections and their respective distortions.

This is, after all, the basic approach of “intelligent relationships“of the theory that I have formulated and present in Certificate in Digital Marketing of the Hellenic American Union: the transformation of communication with its tools and techniques 4ης industrial revolution, in a completely new and multidimensional environment that creates new opportunities to promote our corporate narrative.

In this context the only finite dimension is the time the user remains “trapped” in the conventional 24 hours. The digital space and its possibilities of action in it extend to infinity.

This does not mean that we are moving towards a complete transition of communication to virtual reality. After all, we have enough time ahead of us until the technological data are clarified. We need to see, for example, how metaverses will be embedded in our mobile phones, which are our main technological devices at the moment. And of course it’s important to say that this technology can not be developed without higher speeds and more infrastructure. That is, when in the center of Athens we often find it difficult to make a zoom call with a video, I wonder how quickly we will be able to enter the metaverse!

But the new data is already ahead of us. New tools create the need for new communication strategies. Significant adjustments will need to be made. For example, an adaptation of the campaign on social media will not be enough, but a completely new approach.

They need completely new communication narratives, designed based on the new technological environment. It is necessary to build new user-customer communities and mainly to create new virtual experiences that will lead to virtual and real consumption.

However, we must not forget that even in this virtual world of metaverses, values ​​will continue to be important in corporate communication. If the products and services are not signified by some fixed and important values, they will just be bubbles that will be presented virtually but will really pop.

* THE Panagiotis Kakolyris is COO & Head of Strategy of the strategic communication company SOCIALDOO and teaches reputation management and intelligent relations in Certificate in Digital Marketing of the Hellenic American Union.

Source: Capital

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