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The Wagner organization sent a “bloody” hammer with its seal to the European Parliament

The payroll organization Wagner fighting on behalf of Russia in Ukraine war turned up the volume and sent a “bloody” sledgehammer with her seal at European Parliamenton the occasion of a resolution passed recognizing Moscow as a state sponsor of terrorism.

To take the information into account before voting“, said founder Yevgeny PrigozhinAccording to telegraph.co.ukabout the sledgehammer that bore the “stamp” of the Russian paramilitary organization and traces of blood on its handle.

Thus, the sledgehammer – the organization’s signature weapon of murders – was sent inside a violin case, while a video was posted on Telegram showing a lawyer working for Wagner’s leader carrying a violin case into a room and placing it on a table.

He then lifts the lid of the violin case, revealing the highly polished hammer engraved with Wagner’s logo and the handle painted red, as if stained with blood.

Source: News Beast

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