The wait is over: the Elodie X Sephora Collection make-up is here


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A perfect mix of explosive sensuality, determination and magnetism. If there is a name that can best embody the essence of the contemporary woman, mistress of herself and of her own choices, bearer of a new femininity, that name is Elodie. Now more than ever that she has long hair, styled in a beautiful smooth lob, an emblem of total elegance. Precisely for this reason Sephora saw in the Roman singer, beloved, especially by the new generations, the most suitable icon to create a make-up capsule collection that perfectly blends sophisticated suggestions and pop accents: Elodie X Sephora.

The capsule collection is on sale online and in Sephora physical stores throughout Italy, and consists of two palettes, one eye and one face, a set of brushes and a lip tint. Each piece represents part of a kaleidoscopic mosaic that plays on contrasts, combining young and dynamic elements with super fun colors, ever green shades, bronze nuances and glam touches. Suitable for various times of the day and for different occasions, it is accessible and inclusive,
thus reflecting the values ​​of the artist, completely shared by the brand.

Elodie is an eclectic, refined and refined young woman who moves around the world with elegance and magnetic. At the same time, however, he does not hide his carefree and true soul. The same that transpires in every product of the collection and especially in the eye palette, the fulcrum of the entire project, through which you fully enter the world of Elodie. Each nuance takes the name of an important person in her life, especially women who accompanied her on the path of artistic and personal growth and empowerment. They range from daytime nude shades inspired by its origins, to more energetic ones such as Myss fuchsia, Elodie ocher yellow and Joan red, all able to light up even the simplest beauty looks in an instant. But it is the entire collection that collects every facet of the artist’s personality, which emerges thanks to his personal involvement in all phases of the creative process, which lasted over a year and began when Elodie flew to Paris, in January 2019. ‘European headquarters of the brand, where he worked together with the Sephora Collection product development team. “The result of this work is a carousel of colors and citations that makes me say: well, all this is me,” he stressed. Even the packaging speaks of her, because it is inspired by a collage created ad hoc by her mother, Claudia Marthe Mitai, who was able to capture all the nuances of her daughter’s personality.

To celebrate the arrival in stores throughout Italy of the Elodie x Sephora collection, the French brand has organized a digital event scheduled for Thursday 14 January at 7.00 pm on, on the youtube channel or on the brand’s Facebook page. The streaming show will tell the project at 360 °, through an interview by Diego Passoni, voice of Radio Deejay, to Elodie herself. From backstage then, Mr Daniel Makeup will reveal the secrets of the artist’s make-up look and of the entire collection. To conclude the event, an exclusive musical performance.

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