The wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz: from the guests to the prenuptial agreement

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The wedding of the yearor, as he called it Time, “The transatlantic fusion of two mega dynasties”, is finally about to be celebrated. Saturday 9 April Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz will swear eternal love. He, 23 yearseldest son of the former football player David Beckham and the former Posh of the Spice Girls Victoria Adamsa work from model and the aspiration to a career as a photographer or chefhas behind a love story with American actress Chloe Grace Moretzthen he was linked, more or less fleetingly, with Hana Cross, Natalie Ganzhorn, Phoebe Torrance and, it is said, Lottie Mosssister of Kate Moss. Nicola Pelz, 27, American heiress daughter of Nelson Peltz (between richest men in America) and model Claudia Hefner, who grew up in a large family (two older brothers, two younger and a sister), actress (he starred in the tv series Bates Motelin the new trilogy of Transformers and in Back Roads, neo-director (he just made his behind-the-camera debut with the movie Lola James) in in the past she was linked to Justin Bieber and Anward Hadidbrother of Gigi and Bella.

Two lives full of things, despite the young age, whose destinies have crossed in 2019 at a party organized by Leonardo DiCaprio. The spark immediately struck and, in January 2020, after a year of dating and a few months spent together in New York during the lockdown, the two made the love story public on Instagram. Today they live together in Beverly Hills, but according to rumors they would like to move to Miami soon after the wedding. A wedding postponed twice due to the pandemic from coronavirus. But now the two young offspring will finally be able to celebrate their wedding as they have always dreamed of. Pharaonic style, facing the ocean and with a myriad of super VIP guests. Here are all the details leaked so far about the wedding, which according to the British press will cost about 3 million pounds.

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The ceremony

The wedding of the year will take place at the Peltz ‘beautiful estate in Palm Beach, Florida. A mega-villa with 27 bedrooms and gigantic park worth 76 million pounds overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and view of the Bahamas islands. In the past few hours, the complete Beckham family has arrived on a private jet in the United States, departing from their homeland: Great Britain. The marriage will be celebrated according to the Jewish rite, because Nicholas is Jewish. And Brooklyn agreed to change religion “out of love and respect for his girlfriend”as he told the Jerusalem Post. The eldest son of David and Victoria will follow the tradition of ceremony under the chuppah (the wedding canopy), including the breaking of the glass. For the Beckhams, however, the tradition is not new to the family, as their great-grandfather from Brooklyn, who passed away in 2009 at 83, was also Jewish. The groom’s dad, David Beckham, will be the Master of Ceremonies. The brothers Cruz and Romeo will be the witnesses of Brooklyn. While her little sister Harper, ten, will be one of Nicola’s bridesmaidswho has chosen his elder brother Brad, a hockey player, as a witness.

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The clothes

For the big occasion Nicola Peltz will wear a Valentino creation designed for her by Pierpaolo Piccioli. In fact, before flying to Florida, the future married couple was in Rome, where he visited the maison headquarters for the finishing touches on the dress. There is then a second dress, also by Valentino, for the reception. And finally a third change for the evening, probably signed by the mother-in-law Victoria. The bride’s look will be curated by stylist Leslie Fremar, to whom celebrities like Demi Moore and Charlize Theron have relied on and rely on.

The guests

From cinema to fashion, from entertainment to sport: dozens and dozens of celebrities will parade in the Palm Beach villa to celebrate the happy event with Nicola and Brooklyn. The celebrity chef will certainly be there Gordon Ramsay, who may have offered advice on organizing the reception. Despite the ongoing world tour, he should also be present Elton John, who was Brooklyn’s godfather, and is expected to show up with her husband David Furnish and two children. Certainly the presence of Liz Hurley ed Eva Longoria, friends of Victoria, possible that of Kim Kardashian and Pharrell Williams. Among the bride’s colleagues are expected actors Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci, as well as Nicola’s friends Gigi Hadid and Miley Cyrus. She has not yet been confirmed, however, the presence in Palm Beach of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The deejay for the occasion will be Snoop Dogg but it is likely that there will be other guest stars to animate the party that promises to be long and surprising. A reunion of the Spice Girls, invited to the event, cannot be ruled out. What is certain is that a complete ban on social media will apply to everyone. It is forbidden to post images of the ceremony and reception. The exclusivity of the event was sold at a high price to Vogue.

The prenup

The one in the Palm Beach mega-villa will certainly be a party of love, but Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz also wanted to clarify the money issue in time. For this they have stipulated a “very rigid” prenuptial agreement, as the il writes Daily Mail, which in the event of future separation will protect the assets of both. The strong part of the couple, from the point of view of wealth, is certainly the future bride, given that his family has a fortune of one and a half billion dollars. The Beckhams, on the other hand, stop at 455 million. In the event of a divorce, “both parties will leave the marriage with what they put in it, including assets and property. The money will not change hands ».

Source: Vanity Fair

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