The whole story of Francesca Pascale: from Silvio Berlusconi to the wedding with Paola Turci

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“When I got it into my head to get to Berlusconi I was still a minor, you know?”2013 interview by Vanity Fair in which Francesca Pascale he told us about his love for Silvio Berlusconi. It was Christmas 2011 when, after five years of courtship, Berlusconi yielding to Francesca’s charm, made her find a solitary engagement diamond under her tree.
«In all the most painful situations of recent years, Francesca has been able to be close to me. She gave me joy, without asking for anything in return. She gave me back the desire to believe in a woman’s sincere love. I am grateful to have had her by my side, just as I am grateful to have had ”, he himself said in the interview.

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The first meeting between the two took place in Rome on 5 October 2006. On that occasion, Francesca left him her phone. «A few days later, almost at midnight, she calls her», she continues, «she told me that she wanted to give the committee a gift: a visit to Villa Certosa. He sent us the plane, from Naples to Rome, and from there to Sardinia. The more she was the host, the more she talked and the more fascinated I was. I didn’t just like the politician: he was the man I wanted, but he was a married man, father of a family, and I wanted to respect this. I am proud to have done so ».

Then their love blossomed and lasted even 10 years in which there was also talk of marriage. The story between the leader of Forza Italia and the former councilor of Fi in the Province of Naples ended in March 2020 in full lockdown. A press release from Berlusconi’s staff read: «After this morning’s article the usual gossip broke out around President Silvio Berlusconi and Mrs. Francesca Pascale. It therefore appears appropriate to reconfirm that a relationship of affection and true and deep friendship continues to exist between President Silvio Berlusconi and Mrs. Francesca Pascale, but that there is no romantic or couple relationship between them “. Separation which was followed by a generous severance pay and a check noddedale.

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Francesca Pascale in the meantime evolves and also politically changes her beliefs. “A Church that discriminates against homosexuals and that makes political interference on the Zan bill, has disappointed me”, he declared in an interview with Repubblica in July 2021. “Berlusconi is angry with me for the position on the Zan bill and why I go to Pride”, he added, “He asks me: why? I answer him: because I believe in it. This time I disagree with him and I hope he changes his mind ».

Meanwhile, already in July 2020 they had come out of the photos they were showing for the first time Francesca and Paola Turci exchange kisses and cuddles aboard a yacht in Cilento. Neither of them wanted to make a statement about it. The singer, a husband, a divorce and, a boyfriend behind her, after the images of her in the interview with Vanity Fair she had limited herself to saying: «Eroticism is a woman, I just keep the labels away. Even today, if you say: “I like a woman”, then you are a lesbian. I smile when someone asks if I am. How to ask: “Do you like being on top or underneath? Do you like sleeping with a pillow or without?”. But what does it matter, those are details. How do you make love is the stuff to ask? “

Fifty-seven years old Paola, thirty-seven Francesca, since then the bond of the two women has become increasingly close, enough to arrive at the decision of marriage (which they would have preferred to remain a private matter).

Just before saying goodbye to Berlusconi, Pascale told the Huffington Post: “I don’t like definitions or categories. Now I love Silvio, but if I fell in love with a woman tomorrow, what harm would it be?“.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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