The wild boar came out of the sea and attacked it – Watch the video recorded by the victim

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The wild boars they are not animals to play with and we certainly do not approach them with a camera to “record them and show them to our children”. At least that is what a German who was attacked by a wild boar on a German beach should think again. He even recorded the moment of the attack on video.

The video was taken by Jan Odenhal as he walked along the coast from Sanitz to Killer Bach on Rügen Island.

The man approached the boar to take a video and show it to his children, but was shocked when the animal ran towards him, attacked him and managed to get a good bite on his leg leaving a mark on his teeth.

“Assassination of the killer boar”

The video, with the caption “Killer boar attack”, shows Odenhal walking towards the boar in the sea. As he passes the boar, he suddenly starts running towards him and the video records the whole attack.

The man said that he tried to protect himself by kicking the boar in the face and managed to hit him in the mouth, but the animal managed to bite his leg. Fortunately, a passerby came to his aid and threw stones at the wild boar leading him back to the water where he swam.

Mr Odendahl said the bite marks were visible for a month after the attack, which also caused cuts, severe bruises on his leg and a sprained ankle.

Rügen is the largest island in Germany and is home to many wildlife, including wild boar.

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