The founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange announced their support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and donated $1 million in Bitcoin to his election campaign.

Tyler Winklevoss wrote on social media X that President Joe Biden’s administration is waging an open war against cryptocurrencies and the community, while Trump actively advocates for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and business. The twins said they consider the approach of the current US presidential administration to be overly aggressive and detrimental to the crypto industry, and intend to vote for Trump in the November elections.

Earlier this month, at a fundraiser in San Francisco, Trump criticized Democrats’ attempts to stupidly and clumsily regulate the crypto sector. In addition, in early June, the ex-president met at the Mar-a-Lago residence with the leadership of the largest American mining companies and promised them his support if re-elected.

Earlier, the campaign headquarters of current US President Joe Biden began discussing the possibility of accepting donations in cryptocurrencies and announced a desire to attract voters focused on digital assets.