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The winners and losers of August and the 8th month on the ΑΦ

The Greek stock market, even with a small rise, was one of the few investments worldwide that gave positive returns for August.

It may have disappointed the close of August (+0.62%) compared to gains of more than 5% that were recorded a few sessions before the end of the month. But the image of the domestic stock market was better than that of the larger international markets.

The pan-European Stoxx 600 ended August with losses of 5.3%, the Dow Jones fell 4.1%, the S&P 4.2% and the Nasdaq 4.6%

The month of August began on a high note with markets extending the gains recorded since mid-July, with the mood changing dramatically towards the end of August when the head of the FED indicated that he was leaning towards aggressive monetary policy tightening going forward until inflation to be brought under control, with investors also worried about a potential recession.

For a long time, in the month of August, the market was supported by the banks, which came back to the fore with the half-year results. The overall picture was highly positive with estimates now being revised upwards for the full year while significant progress in portfolio consolidation was accompanied by a strengthening of profitability in the recurring revenue segment.

As the results of the first half of 2022 show, the four systemic banks show a single-digit ratio of non-performing exposures, a target that was set to be achieved by the end of 2022.

Of the high capitalization stocks, in August the following stocks rose: Piraeus +12.42%, Motor Oil +9.22%, Ellaktor +8.02%, ELPE +7.15%, Quest Participations +3.49 %, Mytileneos +3.17%, Terna Energy +1.66%, Titan +0.85%, National +0.72% GEK TERNA +0.62% and Lamda Development +0.42%.

On the contrary, the stocks closed down: Sarantis -13.36%, PPC -12.22%, Aegean Airlines -5.76%, OTE -5.03%, ADMIE -4.75%, eLVALHALCOR -4.12%, OPAP -4.01%, Viohalco -3.78%, Jumbo -3.65%, EYDAP -3.11%, Coca Cola HBC -1.77%, Eurobank -1.73%, PPA -1.03% and Alpha Bank -0.09%.

The yields in 8 months

Since the beginning of the year, the biggest increase is recorded by the shares: Yalco +140.00%, KREKA +76.47%, Euroxx +65.41%, Mathios Pyrimaha +57.26%, European Credit +55.38%, Trastor +39.66%, Motor Oil +37.02%, Ellaktor +34.72%, Terna Energy +30.56% and Alpha Urban Properties +25.42%.

Since the beginning of the year, the biggest declines have been recorded by the shares: Lavipharm -62.7%, Varvaresos -59.05%, Kekrops -45.41%, PPC -44.57%, Epilectos -44.00%, Douros -43 ,18%, Bitros -40.28%, Thrace Plastics -38.32%, Frigoglass -36.36% and KRI-KRI -35.53%.

From the high capitalization shares, since the beginning of the year, the following shares have seen an increase: Motor Oil +37.02%, Ellaktor +34.72%, Terna Energy +30.56%, Jumbo +13.02%, ELPE + 10.77%, National +10.77%, OPAP +5.45%, Eurobank +4.33%, Mytileneos +3.24%, Aegean Airlines +2.19% and GEK TERNA +1.58%.

On the contrary, since the beginning of the year, the shares have fallen: PPC -44.57%, Sarantis -32.25%, Quest Participations -28.76%, ADMIE -25.30%, Viohalco -25.05%, Elvalhalcor -24.54%, Coca Cola HBC -23.03%, Piraeus -18.60%, Alpha Bank -14.21%, Lamda Development -14.12%, Titan -11.21%, PPA -10.34 %, OTE -2.43% and EYDAP -0.13%.

Source: Capital

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