The Wolf of Wall Street gets interested in NFT

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There are quite a few prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry who have joined it after years of criticism. Jordan Belfort, who previously criticized bitcoin and later predicted its rise to $ 100,000, has now become a staunch supporter of the non-fungible token industry.

In the past year and this year, NFTs have caught the attention of many celebrities outside the cryptocurrency space.

Among them are American football player Tom Brady, basketball player Steph Curry, rapper Eminem and socialite Paris Hilton. The largest organizations – Marvel Studios, DC, New York Knicks and others, also entered the NFT space in one form or another.

WOW! I LOVE NFT TWITTER! I AM HERE AND WILL NEVER LEAVE FROM HERE! – swore the so-called wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort, placing the appropriate image on his avatar.

These words are truly intriguing, as Belfort used every opportunity to pounce on the mainstream cryptocurrency and the entire industry in the past.

In 2018, when most tokens and bitcoin lost more than half of their dollar value in a few months, a well-known trader said that the situation with BTC reminds him of the days when he and his company cheated people.

Moreover, he urged investors who believed in cryptocurrencies to stay away from this asset class. Earlier this year, Belfort changed his stance by making a $ 100,000 BTC price prediction.

According to him, the COVID-19 pandemic and the actions taken by the governments of the countries around the world have completely changed his opinion about the asset. Now he seems to have fallen in love with NFT and has no plans to part with them.

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