The women who were photographed naked on a skyscraper balcony will be deported from Dubai

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The Dubai will expel a group of people who participated in nude photo on balcony high-rise building in the emirate, as the authorities announced after criticizing the incident, saying that it violates the principles of United Arab Emirates, reports ΑΠΕ.

The group of naked women posing for a photographer last week along a balcony in the Dubai Marina area was visible from neighboring buildings. Pictures from photography circulated on social media.

“The people involved will be deported from the United Arab Emirates. “No further comment will be made on this matter,” said Dubai Attorney General Essam Isa Al Humaydan in a statement issued by the Dubai Press Office. The announcement did not contain details about the nationalities of the persons involved.

Dubai police on Saturday announced the arrest of those involved and warned against “such unacceptable behavior that does not reflect the values ​​and morals of Emirati society.”

The Emirate of Dubai is a regional business and tourist hub where foreign residents and visitors far outnumber UAE nationals. In the past, foreign nationals have violated the law of the UAE, a federation of seven Muslim emirates, for insulting public decency, consuming alcohol, and even kissing in public.

The UAE amended a series of laws in November on issues such as cohabitation, alcohol consumption and divorce, in a move seen as an attempt to make the country more attractive to foreign investment and tourism.

However, laws against immoral and unethical acts continue to exist in the Federal Penal Code. Dubai police also said that in the UAE there is legislation against the distribution of pornographic or other material that may affect public morals.

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