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The Xunta charges against the Government for taking the battery factory to Catalonia

The counselor of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde, has charged Pedro Sánchez, whom he has accused of changing “the rules of the game” after the creation of a battery factory in Martorell (Barcelona) was announced. It will be the first battery factory in Spain and was born after the creation of a public-private consortium with Seat-Volkswagen and Iberdrola.

During an event to announce the opening of an antenna of the Xunta in London to help companies affected by Brexit, Conde recalled that Vigo has the most productive automotive factory in Spain, according to Efe.

In addition, it already produces electric vehicles, because the counselor he claimed not to understand the assignment of a project “by territorial criteria without competitive competition.” In his opinion, it is an “unprecedented decision”.

Thus, Conde has asked the Government “to rectify and return to the path of dialogue.” The movement, he said, “is highlighting the mandate of the European Commission”, since a project like this should be subject to dialogue and equal opportunities.

“Unfortunately, the Government broke this commitment with this announcement and we regret that it is changing the rules of the game when the calls have not yet started,” he added.

“We have ten autonomous communities in Spain that have manufacturers and therefore could and can be in a position to opt for a project of these characteristics,” the politician recalled. In this sense, he expressed his bewilderment at this decision, which comes before the criteria for defining strategic projects are known.

Conde was not the only one to express his discomfort at the location of the factory. A few days ago, the President of the Government of Aragon, the socialist Javier Lambán, showed “discomfort and deep disappointment” at the announcement. “We were, without any doubt, the first government that expressed its interest in having the first electric battery factory in Spain installed in its territory,” lamented Lambán.

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